2019-08-07 11:45

Clothing is a mundane part of our daily life. Yet in every culture, clothing is one of the most powerful and ubiquitous forms of visual communication. Judging people's clothes they wear, we can easily evaluate their social status, occupation, ethnic or national identity, and so on.

Manipulating the same sets of signals, people can declare their individuality, indicate their beliefs, and signify their membership within various groups through the way they dress. Clothing is human unique achievement. It is not only the material civilized crystallization, but also the meaning of spiritual civilization. The h uman passed through society from barbarism to the civilization, marched forward slowly for several thousand years. After our ancestors left the apes and monkeys with a hands-clasped bow, they draped over the animal skin and the leaf to go through the years in wind and rain which counted with difficulty, and finally strode in the civilized time difficultly. Then they got to warm the body by leaves, created a material civilization. However, to pursue beauty is the human instinct. The clothes on human as the gold plating in Buddha, whose aim is not only to cover and warm body, but also to make them look more beautiful. After the appearance of clothing, people gradually put their custom, esthetic appeal, color interest, as well as all sorts of cultural mind, and the religious idea into the clothing, toreflect the connotation of clothing culture. Therefore a nationality's clothing characteristic is deeply rooted in national culture. The Chinese and Western clothing went through the millennium history continually, and then formed their own special style and system.